Smelly arm pit treatment in Kathmandu Nepal


Are you having problems with your smelly arm pit? Are you tired of hiding it with the use of deo-dorant. Is armpit order and sweat hampering your social life? Are you suffering from hyperhidrosis? Worry not, NPCLC presents  Osmidrosis.

What is NPCLC Osmidrosis ?


There are two type of sweat gland in human body, ecrine gland and the other one is apocrine gland. Hyperhidrosis  is generally caused due to the combination of secretion from apocrine gland and germs which are present in skin. The combination of these two create bad smelly odour.

In some rare cases it can be caused because of the weakening of the cuticle layer of the skin, as sweat comes out from underarm sweat gland.

Who suffers more ?

Females suffer more than males, fat person can suffer more than thin ones.

 Who is suitable to undergo  NPCLC osmidriosis ?

  1.  Those whose armpit area turns yellow, wearing white clothes.
  2.  Have more sweat on the armpit compared to other parts.
  3.  Have wet type of ear wax.
  4.  Have a family member who had osmidrosis treatment.
  5.  Have foul-smelling odor.

Why choose NPCLC ?

  1. No worries of scars: 1-2mm of micro incision.
  2. session treatment is enough
  3. 95% of patients satisfy by single treatment session
  4. Maximum effect with the newest method, minimum chance of relapse.
  5. Minimal pain, no scar.

After Care :

  1. Avoid heavy exercise on the day of operation, taking a rest is highly recommended.
  2. Avoid raising arms or heavy lifting for some time.
  3. After 7 days of operation light shower can be taken.
  4. The major no-no after the surgery is smoking and drinking, Please avoid them for at least 3-4 weeks.


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