Abdominoplasty|tummy tuck| lipo suction in Nepal

Most of the people in Nepal are obese and have a large belly fat. This not only causes the health problems but also causes the discomfort and negative socio aspect in life. Many of us have tried dieting and exercise but to no avail.

There are surgical as well as laser therapy to reduce the belly fat.

We have two different types of laser especially made for this problem. Lipo Laser and Coolsculpting Laser.

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These lasers both work with different modalities. Lipo laser works with heat where as coolsculpting works with cold. In Lipo laser the heat is focused in a particular area and fat are dissolved. Where as coolsculpting or commonly known as coolz are used by cold therapy where the temperature are down to -8 and fats are frozen and later dies due to apoptosis. These both do not have downtime and and scars.

coolsculpting in kathmandu, Nepal

We also have surgical procedure like mini-abdominoplasty, full abdominoplasty which is also known as tummy tuck. In this procedure we surgically remove the excess skin and fats from middle and lower abdomen so that you an have tight muscle and fascia of abdomen with no more excess fat which bulges out. The post operative scars are well hidden in natural crease.

We also offer lipo suction in which we make a small incision in abdomen from which we vacuum suction of fats from belly and other unwanted parts.

NPCLC located at Dhobighat, Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal not only offers all these procedures under one roof. NPCLC also has beat team of Plastic and Cosmetic surgeons and it also provides all the procedures in most affordable and competitive price.

All these types of procedures must be properly evaluated and surgical treatment should only be done by registered plastic and cosmetic surgeon for the best possible outcome. We at Nepal Plastic Cosmetic and Laser Center ( NPCLC) provide the best counselling and surgical as well as non surgical treatment. We have the largest and best registered and qualified plastic and cosmetic surgeon of Nepal as well as multiple super speciality doctors and surgeons.

Our motto is Make Life Beautiful.

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